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Noo Moon

Menstrual Support

Combining Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with modern science to ease cramps and other PMS symptoms, reduce bloating, support irregular cycles, lift mood, and boost energy levels.


  • Provides relief from cramps
  • Reduces bloating
  • Lifts mood
  • Renews energy
  • Eases PMS symptoms
  • Supports irregular cycles

Subscription Benefits

  • No long term commitment
  • Pause or cancel at anytime

Subscription Benefits

  • No long term commitment
  • Pause or cancel at anytime

Supplement Facts

Ginger powder, Jujube extract, Cinnamon Powder, Rose extract, Ginseng Extract.

Other ingredients

Vegetable capsule (Hypromellose), Stabilizer (Dextrin), Emulsifier (Calcium Stearate).

How To Use

Take 2 capsules together, with or without food, daily.

Take daily for maximum results. 

The Balancing Bundle

ReNoo and Noo Moon work together to boost immunity, improve the body’s response to common allergens, and support overall vitality

Purchase options

  • Third Party Tested

  • USP Certified

  • Made In Japan

  • Non-GMO

  • Vegan + Gluten Free

  • No Artificial Colorants

Why You Must Try This

  • Boost energy levels

    Ginseng boosts immunity, improves mood and metabolic function, as well as enhances physical and mental performance.

  • Ease Menstrual Cramps

    Ginger has stomach soothing qualities that stimulate the circulatory system to prevent bloating and gas. Also alleviating lower abdominal cramping before or during your menstrual cycle.

  • Supports Inflammation + Bloating

    Cinnamon is known to combat and lower sugar cravings, boosts brain power, heart health, and vitality. In addition, this ingredient can aid in flushing bodily toxins and relieve pain and discomfort brought on by monthly menstrual cycles.

Hero Ingredients

What people are saying

  • Jenna S.

    See you cramps!

    Noo Moon has been really helpful in reducing my cramps during my period. I used to take advil on the first day or two during my cycle, but I no longer need to rely on that! I've been taking Noo Moon for 2 months now, and excited to continue with this routine :)

  • Amanda L.

     Game changer

    This really helped with my bloating and cramps! I was blown away. I especially love how the ingredients are traceable and while I thought I might be able to replicate this recipe myself, it's just too much hassle to source high quality ingredients AND boil these into a tea everyday. NOOCI made this so much easier for me.

  • Jessie F.

    Such a difference!

    I've been consistenly taking this product for 2 months now, and noticed such a difference on the days leading up to my period, and especially on day 1 and 2 of my period. I used to cramp alot during my cycle, but now I barely know it's coming and am totally pain free throughout!

  • Tatum R.

    Keeping the Bloating down

    I've always bloated like a balloon at least a week before my period comes and my first day is always painful. I wanted to try something different and found Noo Moon. I've been taking it daily for 2 months now, and my most recent period has seen some changes in bloating! It's much less apparent, and I don't feel as exhausted as I did before.

  • Betty C.

     Reduced Flow + Hormonal Acne

    I've been taking Noo Moon for 4 months now, and I started seeing pretty significant results about 3 months in. My flow is usually H-E-A-V-Y and this helped reduce it by like 40%!?!? Also, my hormonal acne that usually flares up in small clusters around the time of the month has really calmed down -- I haven't changed my diet and other routines, so I am guessing this has to do with it even though it's not listed as a benefit. Bloating relief and energy boost were apparent about 2 months in, but I'm very happy with the other results so far -- I'm a convert!

The Power Of Extraction

We’ve carefully selected and vetted our global network of farmers – all of NOOCI’s herbs are sourced responsibly and undergo immediate drying to preserve their quality.

  • Dynamic Extraction

    Once dried, our herbs undergo a dynamic extraction and preservation process, allowing us to retrieve high-quality bioactive ingredients and recover aromatic fragrances.

  • Concentrated Extracts

    Our extracts then go through a dual evaporator to be further condensed. This ensures maximum potency of our formulas – each capsule packs a punch!

  • Diligent Testing

    To ensure that all our products meet the highest standards for safety, consistency, and efficacy, our supplements go through multiple rounds of rigorous testing throughout the whole supply chain flow – just so that we can make sure that you are getting nothing but the best from NOOCI.

See What Experts Are Saying

  • "I really like NOOCI’s products and their approach to formulations. My patients are always looking for easy solutions to maintain their well-being, which is why I recommend ReNoo - Women’s Longevity. As a working mom with my own medical practice, my philosophy is less is more, and integrating easy routines is something I want all my patients to ingrain into their long-term health."

    Dr. Wendy Wong
    PhD, BCM
  • "As an Integrative Medicine physician, I am always looking for safe and effective treatments for my patients. Many prefer Traditional Chinese Medicine that is safe and natural. NOOCI does just that by providing effective herbal supplements that combine Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern science for relief from allergies (Noo Air) and painful periods (Noo Moon) as well as a wonderful remedy promoting overall wellness (ReNoo)."

    Dr. Robin H. Miller
    MD, MHS
  • "I am very excited about Nooci's modern TCM formulas.  So far I have found them to be great on their own as well as in combination with a classic patent or individualized formula.  For example, Re Noo with Gui Pi Wan or Bu Zhong Yi Qi wan can be a winning combination.  The same with Noo Air and Noo Moon. For example, I like Noo Moon for patients with deficiency and stasis patterns.  The individual ingredients are impeccably sourced so I feel confident recommending them."

    Jillian L. Capodice
    MS, LAC

Frequently asked questions

When is the best time to take Noo Moon?

Noo Moon can be taken at any time of the day.

Do I only take Noo Moon during my menstrual cycle?

To effect long-term change, we recommend that you take Noo Moon consistently over a continuous period. The herbs work cumulatively, meaning each dosage works gradually towards restoring your qi and over time, easing of symptoms you experience before, during, and after each menstrual cycle. It is okay to forget and miss a dose -- just take it as soon as you remember!

When can I expect to see effects?

TCM herbal practice is all about long-term maintenance and restoring balance (yin and yang energy) in the body. For some, it can take 3-4 weeks to feel effects, and for others it can take 6-8 weeks. It really depends on your body.

For best results, you should take your herbs daily to feel the accumulated effects.

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